Method of Operation

Orkney Business Ring Regulations as to the method of operation for full members:

  • In order that information is made available to members quickly and clearly, a list of available machinery with a guide price list will be circulated annually or more often should the need arise.
  • When a member requires work to be done (a Demander), they should contact OBR as soon as possible. Once OBR have received a request from the Demander, it is then the responsibility of OBR staff, as agent, to match up a member to supply the service (a Supplier) and to notify him of his commitment. OBR should be notified as soon as possible of any work arranged directly between Demander and Supplier.
  • All members who intend to carry out work for OBR should contact their insurance company to ensure that they are covered for contracting within the Ring and that they are fully insured to cover public liability.
  • It is the responsibility of the Supplier to ensure that the equipment is mechanically sound and fit for its purpose and that it is fully guarded to comply with the rules of the health and safety legislation in force at the time.
  • The Demander should have full insurance cover for personal accident injury when work is being done on his farm.
  • OBR must be notified immediately of any breakdowns on site. The operator will be given a reasonable amount of time to have the machine operational again. If for any reason the repair is going to take longer, then OBR may appoint another member to complete the work. The member will be paid for that part of the work that he has completed.
  • The Demander will be responsible for any damage to the Supplier’s machinery if caused by the Demanders neglect.
  • All complaints regarding transaction between members should be made to OBR staff in the first instance. If no satisfactory settlement can be arranged it is the members right to present the complaint at the next meeting of Orkney Business Ring’s Board of Directors, whose decision is final.
  • It is the Suppliers responsibility to return one copy of the signed work completion schedule to OBR promptly.
  • Members should have a current account at a bank, together with authorisation for OBR to this account as regards to payment for work done among the members, by variable direct debit and credit.
  • The Demander will pay direct debit on the 14th day after the invoice date, and the supplier will be paid by direct credit on or about 28 days after the invoice date.
  • The Demander and the Supplier will each pay a levy to Orkney Business Ring on the work done.
  • OBR will not be responsible for any default in payment by the demander.
  • Work is generally undertaken at the rates in the recommended guide price list in force at the time. Alterations in price due to operating conditions, quantity of work or any other circumstances may be negotiated and this should be agreed with the manager before work commences.
  • Members should offer their free machine capacity to the Ring and to cover their own addition demand from the Ring. Only if an arrangement is not possible, should the member seek machine capacities out with the Ring.
  • All transactions in connection with OBR must be made through the manager who is responsible to the Board of Directors of the Ring.
  • In arranging contracts between Demander and Supplier members, the Ring acts at all times as agent, and not as principle. Invoice documents should clearly state that OBR acts as an agent for its members. OBR cannot be held liable for any damage or loss caused by an arrangement made by the Ring manager.
  • Members carrying out work for non-ring members should not charge less than the rate set by OBR for that particular service, unless negotiated because of operating conditions, quantity of work or any other circumstances.
  • Each individual member, farming partnership or company which is a member shall pay an annual subscription to OBR. The charge will be set annually by the Board of Directors.
  • In the event of OBR accepting a grant or a loan from anybody, the members of OBR bind themselves to accept the rules and/or the conditions attached to the grant or loan.